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07-25-2013, 10:03 AM
Originally Posted by csx6245 View Post
I just patched and went on tribble to test what changes were made to the orion slavers and I can't honestly believe why in the world why cryptic would change how much they steal. Before the patch elite slavers would pickup at random EC of course, 2/4/ or 6 regular commodites, 2/4/ or 6 contrabands, always 3 or any of the blue gamma quadrant commodities, and once in blue moon a white prisoner doff. Here's what changed you only can get 1 or 2 of any commodity when they steal from a npc weather it be white/green/or blue commodities. On top of that with the unable to respawn fresh hangers unless they die which means they pickup a whole let less since you can't take advantage of the proc from fresh hangers. So in a since the slavers got a double nerf and for all the resources and hard work grinding 200k fleet credits and 90k dilithium to buy both elite slavers I think that the slavers need to be rolled back to what they were. I mean come on you never in a instance long enough for the slavers to pick up anything most of the time as it is. I don't know how many times I have done a STF and maybe got one steal of a green or better from the slavers. Its just now to me the elite slavers are now as useless as the regular orion slavers where when the game first launched.
The weird thing is that the toon I use them on hardly ever got any drops but when I used elite ones I had to play for about 5 or 6 hours with it before I got the blue commodities. If it will loot for me at all it would be a positive change.