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07-25-2013, 11:43 AM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
1) Slavers had their chance to steal goods almost tripled in this patch.
2) Relaunch timers never mattered, because Slavers attempt to steal every 15seconds. Hangars would have to refresh 2x this fast in order to have any impact on their ability to steal loot.
3) The average EC value taken over time has been more than doubled, despite these reductions. It's just far less spikey & inconsistent, now.
4) No individual items have been removed from the drop tables - you can still get DS9 commodities, Contraband and Prisoner Doffs. It's only the odds of receiving large numbers of them that've been reduced.
So does this mean that there is now a nearly tripled chance of getting at getting 1/6 the amount of contraband that previously dropped (reduced odds of multiples that were 2/4/6 commodities)? If so, then that is up to a 50% nerf to contraband results that has lead to the "impression" that this is a severe nerf to the slavers.

It also speaks to the comment in another thread to the effect that the "original design" is the same now as before. They aren't. Users should expect far lower contraband quantities based on the statement above.

It is contraband that purchasers of slavers look at as the mechanism to recoup their investment of dilithium in these units. If players will obtain smaller quantities, it is a nerf to these unique units.

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