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07-25-2013, 12:30 PM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
1) Slavers had their chance to steal goods almost tripled in this patch.
2) Relaunch timers never mattered, because Slavers attempt to steal every 15seconds. Hangars would have to refresh 2x this fast in order to have any impact on their ability to steal loot.
3) The average EC value taken over time has been more than doubled, despite these reductions. It's just far less spikey & inconsistent, now.
4) No individual items have been removed from the drop tables - you can still get DS9 commodities, Contraband and Prisoner Doffs. It's only the odds of receiving large numbers of them that've been reduced.
this issue needs to be addressed, slavers got fixed so they actually have their chance put back to almost normal. ok...great...however you nerfed the pickups from 3-7 of said stolen item to 1-2 per pickup, this makes them useless, sense most people use them to rob contraband from npc's specifically the x4-x7 contraband from an npc made it worth while. ec value is 300-490ish ec per rob, which is junk who cares(you can pickup a junk item drop and right click discard for more money then hours of the ec off these). No you never removed the items from the loot tables but you made them even worse then they were. They worked after LoR the way they were just needed to a bit patient and you'll rob something nice...

bottom line these changes are worse then the (supposed) brokenness of them after LoR hit, yeah so it took a little longer to grab things, so what. id rather pickup more then 1 junk commodity per theft and it take a bit longer. i used these alot on runs and always used to pickup good things, just gotta have a little patience, as it stands right now there almost useless toys sense hardly anyone uses them for battle other then to rob npc's