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07-25-2013, 01:14 PM
Originally Posted by magniafazulla081 View Post
Well, as i said, i did figure that out - i just didnt think it was the email adress at first, since that breaks XMPP compliance....

I suppose its because i registered just this year and got a PWE account, that i got the @ in my username.

Unfortunately the STO XMPP Server doesnt know how to handle the XMPP compliant escaping for special characters, (which would be the aforementioned \40 for an @ ), and thus, i cant use this service.

I have another idea - sometimes when my game DC's, instead of my saved email adress, theres a long number with a # in the "username" box ingame, and since i can use that to login to the game, it might work to use that to connect to the XMPP server.
Thank you for this wonderful suggestion! I've been trying to figure out how to get access to the XMPP gateway for some time, but had the same problem you had (email address as login).

I chose "Logout" from the game menu, copied the username string from the resulting login screen into the XMPP info, and it works!