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07-25-2013, 03:50 PM
Everyone knows why Craptic did this, there was a bug "somewhere" that allowed you to farm lots and lots and lots of contraband.

HOWEVER, this is just a convenient excuse, cryptics had their sights set on nerfing slavers for awhile now. They are aiming to dilute contraband returns in general, since the influx of people farming, then selling them for EC and trading them in for dilithium. <both of these things allow ppl to avoid buying ZEN> Contraband is going to be nerfed several more times until it is no longer even possible to really farm it, that is the point. Cryptic isnt going to allow anything to exist in game that makes either them or their Chinese overlords lose ANY money. Period.

Although it is not really too surprising, I think most of us should be given our 60k dilithium back, <yeah right when pigs fly> although I know Craptic and PW are laughin all the way to the bank.. RoR.

Yeah, that's right.