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I'm inclined to agree with miri2. (FYI: I also have a fully-clothed female Orion character.)

A culture/species should realize that what is okay to wear on their homeworld, on Risa, and in the privacy of their quarters quite likely isn't what they would wear at an official conference and in a warzone ... unless they plan to surf instead of fight, that is. I don't recall ever seeing in any of the ST series (TOS, TNG, DS9, ST:V, ST:E) off-duty uniforms worn while a character was on-duty ... except when an emergency happened while a character was off-duty. (For what seem to me to be obvious reasons, I'm excluding Spock on the Genesis planet in "STIII", Orion slave girls in TOS, and Deanna Troi's mother in TNG.) And even then, I think that they would've tried to change back into their on-duty uniform before reporting. Those that serve on starships in the ST universe, at Starfleet and Klingon (and no doubt also Romulan) Academies, and as ground personnel are all highly trained and thus wouldn't be frivolous when it comes to both their appearance while so employed.