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Originally Posted by kapla1755 View Post
Is there a reason why after todays patch on Holodeck I can buy 100 Lrg shield charges, Lrg Hypos, Major regens, But can only purchase 20 Large Power cells at a time.

I can purchase 100 Medium Power cells, but since they are not used for projects what is the point.
Sounds like someone pointed it at the wrong item.

On a seperate note, who decided that it was a good idea to relabel all of the KDF transwarp locations for the faction that contols the destination sector? Because I can tell you it was a seriously boneheaded move. Now instead of having a transwarp labeled "Beta Ursae Sector" its labeled "Cardassian Space". Guess what? There are 3 sector blocks in Cardassian space, assuming that I know what color/symbol marks Cardassian space. Instead of knowing I'm going to end up in Beta Ursae I could end up in any of 3 sectors blocks. This is a fairly pointless move that gives us LESS information about what our abilites do.

One of the locations is labeled "Romulan Space", I don't actually know where that one takes me as I have never bothered to use it but Romulan space now covers around 5 blocks, so I will NEVER bother to use that one now as I don't know where its going to drop me and it will probably just be faster to fly to where I'm going.

And I sure hope you are not a new player that does not know the lore of Star Trek, including what all the symbols are used for the various races are. You will end up using all of the transwarps and being forced to write down what sector they lead to instead of just having the transwarps labeled for the sector block to are for.

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