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07-26-2013, 02:42 PM
*James fires a couple shots off as the rifle makes a big and loud sound as it fires rounds killing three husks in a single shot... *

James: *arm aching from the kick back* Give me a big enough gun didn't you Danny?

Danny: *Ripping a wave of husks down * Yeah wanted to see how you could handle that thing. Doing good bye the way. The Saber is *rips a husks head off with the omni blade.* is a updated version of photon technology in slugs the size of a palm with some buffering..

James: No kidding huh.. *Ejects a thermal clip from the rifle... and popping in another.*

Dorman: *Blasts a Marauder going through its weak shields. But one stops and they hear a cry out as it holds up one Abomination and gives it biological metal armor...* Damn.. Now we have more problems... *Fires a blast..*

Jacob where the hell are you?