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07-26-2013, 04:04 PM
Psst. By the way, you have a model/texture problem with the Republic Neutral 1 upper costume piece for Romulan female characters. For a few patches now, parts of it has shown up above the undershirt in a very obvious fashion.

I never reported it before because it was, like, super-obvious, and I figured your own QA team would already be on top of it... but it's still there, so I'm pointing it out.

Also, please fix the dual pauldron pads for Romulan females back to the way they were before the Romulan TNG costume came out. The pauldron scale was change to avoid clipping on the Romulan TNG uniforms, but it looks rather silly on all the other uniforms. Could you revert that change, or perhaps offer what we enjoyed before, along with keeping 'wide' versions to the people that want them.

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