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Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post
*The Orbs as well start using concentrated long lasting blasts on the Republic armor or using self destruct causing hull damage.*
OOC: I was actually hoping you'd do something like this.

But the Republic's already taken damage, and I losing ground on reasons for her not being space junk. Can you lighten up on the attack? I don't want to have to kill that ship!

*The Republic starts to slow down, due to the internal damage caused by Kei earlier, and the previous crippling of the impulse engines combined with the sustained fire from the orbs.

R.S.S. Republic, Sickbay. Andrews is running around trying to get crewmen back to their posts.*

Nurse: Doctor!

*He runs over to a nurse who's dealing with a convulsing patient.*

Andrews: He's crashing! 10cc's Cordrazine!

*The nurse hands him a hypo which he injects into the patients neck. Suddenly, he goes limp, a steady tone coming from the bio-bed.*

Nurse: He's gone.

Andrews: Damn it!

*The EMH runs past to tend to a group of injured personnel rushing through the door. Andrews starts to dash to the comm panel, pointing at another Medical Officer as he passes him.*

Doctor Vor'ak, bed 24! Keep Sentoya from convulsing! She's got a 3rd Degree plasma burn and theta radiation poisoning!

Vor'ak: Yes, Doctor!

*Vor'ak runs to his new patient as Andrews hits the comm panel.*

Andrews: Andrews to bridge!

David *Over Comm*: Go ahead, Doctor!

Andrews: I've got a lot of wounded people down here! If this keeps up, I won't have a crew to keep alive!

David *Over Comm*: How many fatalities so far?

Andrews: 194!

*He hears another flatline.*


David *Over Comm*: Understood, Doctor!

*Bridge. David has a cut on his forehead with dirt on his slightly charred uniform. Supports have fallen down all over the Bridge and a medic is tending to the Operations Officer, lying motionless on the deck.*

David *irritated*: We can't take much more of this!

Helm, set course bearing 280 mark 12! Take us out of the Battle Area!

Helm: Sir?

David: We can't do anything more, Ensign. I won't sacrifice your lives for meaningless deaths. We'll be able to do more alive than dead.


Helm: Yes sir.

David: Republic to Fleet, we're evacuating the Combat Zone!

*The Republic soon turns away from the Battle, going to full impulse. The Orbs continue to pursue, starting to cause extreme damage. Suddenly, a flurry of ZPC fire knocks out the Orbs as a small streamlined ship bearing the blue stripes of the Republic of United Star Systems flies past from above. The ship is about the size of an Akira-Class, with no primary or secondary hull and nacelles mounted either side, built into the main hull. The nacelles protrude into triangular "claws", much like the Sovereign-Class or, indeed, the Matthew Neilson-Class. It's main hull curves into a triangular nose at the bow.*

*Omaha-Class Stealth Combat Vessel. Planning began weeks after the completion of the R.S.S. Republic to provide a ship capable of flying behind enemy lines without detection.

Armament: 5 pairs of forward-facing Zero-Point Cannons (2 pairs recessed just before the nacelles, 1 in the nose, 1 between the nose and nacelles, and 1 on the outermost edge of the nacelles), 2 forward-facing Phased-Quantum Torpedo Launchers (next to the hull-mounted forward ZPCs), 3 ZPB emitters (one on top - above the armoured bridge, one on bottom, and one mounted aft), and 1 aft-facing Phased Quantum Torpedo Launcher.

Defence: Prototype ECM suite - masking her energy signature and jamming enemy sensors, Primary and Secondary Regenerative Covariant Shields, and an EMP generator.

Propulsion: 4 Impulse Engines (2 recessed just behind the nacelles - blending into them, and 2 at the very aft), Warp Drive (max Warp 28), E-type Fold-Space Drive (max range of 8,000 LY), Quantum Slipstream, and Transwarp Drive.

Power: Warp Core, 3 Fusion Reactors, and a full suite of MAMs.

Auxiliary Craft: 2 Goliath-Class Assault Craft and 2 ATAVs.

Other: Tachyon-Scattering Cloaking Device, is capable of planetary landings.

The ship shown here: R.S.S. Normandy (OOC: I couldn't think of another name. This wasn't intended as a reference to Mass Effect, I swear).*

*The R.S.S. Normandy flies towards the battle, able to knock out the Orbs before they can react before cloaking, completely invisible to sensors due to the ECM suite and tachyon-scattering Cloak.

R.S.S. Republic, Bridge.*

Voice *Over Comm*: Republic Starship Normandy to Republic, you're all clear! Get the hell out of here!

*David's eyes go wide in shock at who he sees on the viewer - John DeFalco.*

David: DeFalco?!

John: Hey, Dave! We've got you covered! If you're going to leave...!

David: Helm, warp speed, engage!

*The Republic jumps to warp.*
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