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07-26-2013, 04:22 PM
*Ra Cailum is keeping the orbs away but is having to keep dummy ships deployed to keep Sovereign busy... anti-aircraft turrets are working smoothly but need to cool down as well as replace energy cells.*

Bright: Keep up the attack... have the Normandy turn on the heat and help the Klingons. We need these Orbs off of us.

Drasco: We have had no contact with the ground team

Bright: We need to give them more time.

*Sovereign fires another blast destroying more ships while strafing.. *

Bright: What is that thing's status..

G'los: We have not made a discernable mark on it sir. It's defense mechanism is too strong for our weapons...

Bright: Damn.. What is our status.

G'los: Battery control reports the anti air defenses are in need of cool down, our shields are keeping them at bay..

Bright: Well never thought I would say this but thank god for that nut Holtz and the innovades...

G'los: Yes the Barrier shields are holding for now.. Our fighter complement is down to 70 percent. Even with the funnel technology more are still on the way.

Bright: Alright... I have an idea LT. Revert power from the AT field to the barriers so we can have a hard shell around the ship give us enough time to cool our anti air defenses.

G'los: That would suffice but we will be left with our main weapons to defend ourselves.

Bright: There is always a torpedo spread LT.

G'los: Aye sir.

*The Federation Fleet is taking some pounding but not as badly as the Klingons. *

* On the ground.. The armored husks and abominations are charging the line.. Sam did kill one James fires a shot at an Abomination's head and then a husk... As chunks of brains and skull fly he grabs it by the neck and throws it down and stomps on its head. *

James: Doesn't look like thugs to me Sam.. Monsters more like...

*A wave of Brutes arrive armored looking like Frankenstein monsters of so many beings. White eyes and half a skull.. The armored Abomination start firing their arm weapons...*

Danny: *looking down the scope* Damn... Heavies coming in.. *Fires a round into a spine of one of them causing it to rear back and them charge.* Crap..

Where is that lug of meat when you need him.. *starts shooting the Brute in the face and spine area trying not to get sliced into pieces. *