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07-26-2013, 05:00 PM
Originally Posted by corvalle View Post
Still no fixes for the fighters that are just dissapearing/vanishing?

Elite Scorpion fighters on my Jem Dreadnought during stf's are just vanishing. I start with 12 and slowly lose them until there is like 2 or 3 left. I can not resummon them, can not do anything. And this is happening both in combat and while not in combat. I could be sittin there with my fighters docked or on intercept mode and the fighters will just VANISH. They can NOT be resummoned.

This is not a distance issue either. The fighters are right next to my ship , and after redocking and re launching them, they just vanish from the UI. And they can not be replaced

Guess this is not important enough to warrant attention.
they're flying away. I forgot how far they have to fly, but after a certain distance you lose control. Try hitting recall, they will come back. I've had this happen too. If any of your ships are out..even if too far away, you cant relaunch them until they come back or they die.