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*Ra Cailum is keeping the orbs away but is having to keep dummy ships deployed to keep Sovereign busy... anti-aircraft turrets are working smoothly but need to cool down as well as replace energy cells.*

Bright: Keep up the attack... have the Normandy turn on the heat and help the Klingons. We need these Orbs off of us.

Drasco: We have had no contact with the ground team

Bright: We need to give them more time.

*Sovereign fires another blast destroying more ships while strafing.. *

Bright: What is that thing's status..

G'los: We have not made a discernable mark on it sir. It's defense mechanism is too strong for our weapons...

Bright: Damn.. What is our status.

G'los: Battery control reports the anti air defenses are in need of cool down, our shields are keeping them at bay..

Bright: Well never thought I would say this but thank god for that nut Holtz and the innovades...

G'los: Yes the Barrier shields are holding for now.. Our fighter complement is down to 70 percent. Even with the funnel technology more are still on the way.

Bright: Alright... I have an idea LT. Revert power from the AT field to the barriers so we can have a hard shell around the ship give us enough time to cool our anti air defenses.

G'los: That would suffice but we will be left with our main weapons to defend ourselves.

Bright: There is always a torpedo spread LT.

G'los: Aye sir.

*The Federation Fleet is taking some pounding but not as badly as the Klingons. *

* On the ground.. The armored husks and abominations are charging the line.. Sam did kill one James fires a shot at an Abomination's head and then a husk... As chunks of brains and skull fly he grabs it by the neck and throws it down and stomps on its head. *

James: Doesn't look like thugs to me Sam.. Monsters more like...

*A wave of Brutes arrive armored looking like Frankenstein monsters of so many beings. White eyes and half a skull.. The armored Abomination start firing their arm weapons...*

Danny: *looking down the scope* Damn... Heavies coming in.. *Fires a round into a spine of one of them causing it to rear back and them charge.* Crap..

Where is that lug of meat when you need him.. *starts shooting the Brute in the face and spine area trying not to get sliced into pieces. *
*R.S.S. Normandy, Bridge. DeFalco is standing in centre of the Bridge as the Normandy continues to cause havoc with the Orbs.*

Ops: Commander, Admiral Bright is requesting that we assist the Klingons!

John: What's the lead ship?

Ops: The I.K.S. Sarkon, under the Command of General Markon! Her shields are barely holding!

John: Helm, set a course to hit the lead enemy ship attacking the Klingons! Hit it from in front - I want to get its attention off the Sarkon!

Helm: Yes, sir!

John: Standby to drop the cloak! Lock weapons!

Tactical: Weapons... locked!

Helm: In range!

John: Drop cloak and fire!

*The Normandy decloaks and fires all her ZPCs as she strafes the lead enemy ship from bow to stern, cloaking again before they can return fire. She then decloaks and strafes again from stern to bow, cloaking yet again.*

That should have done it.

Ops: They're turning away from the Klingons! Heading along our last known course!

John: Gotcha, you sonofa...!

Normandy to Sarkon! NOW!

*The Klingons quickly focus all firepower on that ship and destroy it, the blast knocking out its neighbour as the Normandy decloaks and mops up the Orbs in the area before cloaking again.*

Markon *Over Comm*: We have the situation under control now, Normandy. On behalf of the Empire, you have my sincerest thanks.

John: We're not going to get anywhere as long as Sovereign's focused on maintaining his grasp on these ships...

We need to distract it. The other ships can't get out of danger quickly enough. We can.

Helm, set a course straight for Sovereign! Full impulse!

Helm: Aye sir!

*On the planet. Sanders knocks out 3 Husks which were surrounding him, ducking as Hawk shoots off an arrow into a Banshee's face before it can hit him.*

Sanders: Thanks!

Hawk: Anytime!

*Sam takes down as many Banshees and Abominations as she can, vaporising most of them. Suddenly, she feels a warmth on her chest. She takes her pendant out from under her armour to see it glowing. She can feel where Tara is.*

Sam: Mike--

Hawk: Go!

*She lets the pendant fall back against her chest as she sprints up the hill and leaps down onto the wall of Stane's fortress. A few indoctrinated point weapons at her.*

Sam: Get out of my way!

*They start shooting, hitting a white energy field around her.*

Bad move!

*She fires a blast, vaporising them, before running down the wall and into the Command Centre, killing more enemies on her way. She finally reaches where Tara (James' daughter) is being held. She looks in shock and sadness at her pale face and glowing white eyes. Sam places a hand on her cheek, glowing white softly as colour returns to Tara's face. Tara's eyes open fully and the glow in her eyes vanishes.*

Tara *faintly*: *Groans* M... Mom...?

Sam *sympathetically*: It's okay. I'm going to get you out of here.

*She carefully vaporises the restraints and lets Tara get off the table. Tara's eyes grow wide.*

Tara: Look out!

*Sam turns around and ducks below a swing as a pipe flies past her head. She rolls away before looking up, seeing Tara back up against the table and restrained, and another figure in front of her.*

Sam: Oh my god...

*The figure reveals the indoctrinated form of Tara Tr'ian. Sam slowly gets to her feet.*


What did Stane do to you?

*The purple glow in Tara's irises flickers for a moment, before she charges at Sam, Sam dodging and firing her phaser on stun. It does nothing and Tara grabs her and throws her across the room, sending her flying into a wall before falling violently to the floor. Sam slowly gets to her feet, her eyes glowing white before she clenches her fists and making them glow white. She tackles Tara to the floor before punching her, causing blood to pour out of her nose. Tara then punches her across the face, knocking her to the side before she blasts Tara away with a burst of twilight energy. Sam then pins her down and bars her arm across Tara's neck. The purple light vanishes from Tara's eyes.*

Tara Tr'ian *strained*: Kill me...

Sam: No!

Tara Tr'ian *strained*: I... can't... stop it!

*She screams as the purple glow returns. Sam takes her right arm off Tara's neck and presses her right hand against Tara's face.*

Sam: Get out of her mind!

*Echoing, like two voices at once*

Get OUT!

*A white stream of energy flows from Sam's eyes into Tara's, overwhelming the indoctrination as Sam's "Angel" blocks it out. The flow stops, and Tara's unconscious, her eyes back to normal. Sam walks over to Tara (James' daughter) and releases the restraints.*

Sam: You okay?

Tara: Mom? How did you--?

Sam: I'm not your Mom. It's a long story. I'm going to get you back to your father, I promise.

*She taps her earpiece.*

James? I got your daughter. I'm with her now. She's okay.

*Suddenly, she hears the door behind her open and close, her body filling with rage.*


*OOC: How do you wanna play this? Do you want her to kill Stane in a fit of rage, or do you want her to defeat Stane and forcing him to flee?*
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