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07-27-2013, 03:30 AM
Originally Posted by corvalle View Post
Still no fixes for the fighters that are just dissapearing/vanishing?
I was doing some testing today, trying to replicate the situation you describe, and what may cause it to happen. I couldn't come up with a reliable reason for it to occur, but did occasionally witness it.

What I suspect it may be (but can't yet confirm 100%) is that the AI commands being sent by the UI buttons aren't always being properly registered by hangar pets, regardless of their current status or distance. It also doesn't seem limited to a specific type of pet. So far, I wasn't able to discern any pattern.

If this is the reason for it happening, then the fact that they're disappearing is probably that they're 'stuck' in Recall Mode, and they are going into their Docking state. To clear this state, try targeting yourself (F1 by default) and hit Escort, then Recall, then Escort again - this should clear them from Recall and back into a state where they will register commands.

We'll continue investigating the underlying cause. Until we can solve it, I hope this workaround helps.
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