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07-27-2013, 06:14 AM
What are the chances we can get a cooldown reduction on the Anti-Proton sweep or the Thoron pulse on the Stalker fighters?

They have always been the worst of the "native carrier only" hangars, and they are currently starting to slip even further behind, as the other special hangars have had their ability cooldowns lowered to compensate for the new system. Stalker appear to have been left out in the cold.

If ability cooldown reduction would not be favorable for one reason or another, might I suggest just giving them an extra turret and be done with it? I'd really like to use my specialty hangars on my Atrox, but currently they just aren't cutting the mustard. The Atrox is arguably the "worst" of the carriers, it's a bit of a sting to also have the "worst" of the specialty pets as well.
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