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I notice that there is an Gold Subscription Sale going on in Star Trek Online. In the information area of the sale it mentions that monthly Gold Subscriptions are to "get a monthly Cryptic Store stipend of 500 Zen."

Is this only for monthly Gold Subscribers that start their subscription now?

In the Features Matrix for Gold Members (monthly or Lifetime) I notice that there is a benefit listed as "Monthly Stipend" and this is described as 500 Promotional Points with the "?" and this is explained as "Promotional Points differ from Zen in that they can only be used in Star Trek Online...." so this then brings up several additional questions listed below:

What are Promotional Points?

Where does a Star Trek Online Gold Member find them?

If they are received monthly, then when does this occur?

Do these Promotional Points convert to Zen?
If yes, then how do we convert them to Zen?
If yes, then is there a limit of how much we can convert at a given time?

I want to Thank You in advance for your assistance with these questions.