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Originally Posted by feiqa View Post
Any way, with them having such a lax uniform code that you can wear over a dozen variations of the regular uniform. Including whether it is open at the neck or not. Multiple old uniforms, Several informal uniforms. (Looking at you racing and section 31) As well as formal dresses/tuxedos, and 'mercenary' wear. How can Starfleet demand not wearing swimwear to see Admiral Quinn?
So, one thing those dozens of uniform options have in common is that they are variations on Starfleet uniforms. Yes, the game allows players a wide variety of uniforms to choose from so that players have an easier time making their character look like an individual. Yes, this is, in fact, the opposite intention of a uniform, but this is a concession to gameplay.
The "mercenary" and formal dress costumes, yes, are off-duty wear. But they're all a far cry from swimwear.

Ultimately, it comes down to this: If you're in a navy, and your superior officer sends you a message while you're off-duty on shore saying "get to my station now," you might be excused if you rushed to his station wearing your civies to save some time.
He'd probably throw a fit, though, if you rushed into his office wearing a speedo and swim goggles.*
I think the same principle can be seen to apply here.

* Assuming, as Star Trek seems to, a society operating more or less within the parameters of "Western" Earther values.
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