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With or without a Critical Regenerator.

Maybe not as fast. Players and BO's could serve time in sickbay (Rendered in one of the existing diagnostic beds) for a time comparable to that established by the Doff medical assignments, with consideration given to the severity of the injury, the quality of the medical BO/Doff roster, and the number of other patents concurrently receiving treatment.

If, players leave the ship interior-sickbay (other than for logging out or switching character), before their injury is healed, they lose whatever time they've spent healing.

While in sickbay, the player can do everything they could normally do, from sickbay.

Similarly, for BO's, any premature bridge or ground station assignments would reset their injuries to their pretreatment status/condition.

eta: And render the Doff sickbay roster in the diagnostic beds also.

Maybe allow a "Captain's Visit" to sickbay shorten their stay by a small percentage?

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