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Originally Posted by iskandus View Post
That's because as a Fed, we'll be lucky if we can make 10 Contrband / day by running every single doff missions out there all day long that can reward it. And that's if someone is using nothing but the best of the best purple doff(s) for the job and they still sometimes fail. On average, I think a Fed can make about 6 contrabands per day using best of the best purple doff. Compared to a Klingon who used slavers, picking up 25 contraband / hour, no wonder some of you are making 200+ contraband / day.

I mean do we really need to compare 200 to 6 to see what's insane about this difference?

Then a while ago, I recall a conversation that a few Fed and I have at the exchange on DS9.

Fed Person 1: "Looking at these prices for the contraband make me really depress..."

Fed Person 2: "I know, it makes me no want to sell."

Me: "That's what I do, I stop placing them on the exchange when the prices are this low, to diminish the supply of contrabands."

Fed Person 1: "Yean, but would that help?"

Me: "It's all about supply & demand, enough people withhold their supply, the price will rise, I once cornered the Earth refugee market and monopolized it:

Fed Person 2" "You'd be surprised how stupid people can be."

Naturally, with Klingons dumping contraband by the truck loads, their prices have seen so low for so long. Now that this is being fixed, we see contraband price starting to climb to more reasonable level. Sorry Klingons, but this is great news for us.

good news for you if you want to sell your 6 a day.. lol..

its a loss for those who purchase it to get dilithium.

yesterday it hit 70k per for a few hours.. dropping back to 50k per..
but as soon as the pool runs out the market will be 100k per.
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