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07-29-2013, 02:11 PM
Originally Posted by bitterscot View Post
Saw nothing in the patch notes about any audio changes, I pray this is a bug. My DHCs and turrets sound terrible now. Seriously, please tell me this is a bug, absolutely awful change if it's nothing to do with my hardware (which hasn't changed, no driver updates, and nothing else ingame has changed audio-wise). They now sound like the Omega Force full auto rifle or something.

Please revert them back, it's like when ground AP weapons first appeared and they sounded iffy, then you updated them with the beam weapons having that awesome sound, full of bass..... and then changed them again to the horrible sounds we have today. Please don't ruin AP space weapon SFX too
I noticed the new audio today when i used my AP weps, I like it!

I hope this is a change that is permanent. Please keep it this way.