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Originally Posted by schneemann83 View Post
How about adding some Elite Fleet Andorian Phaser, or enabling fed aligned Romulans to use those blue Phasers too, so that we can actually enjoy the more unique sound?^^
The sound is not unique. I just tested them and they sound the same as regular phasers still, as they did before this so called change...

By the way, why would they let just anyone use the andorian weapons? You have to own the Andorian escorts before you can purchase them, and you have to have one of those ships unpacked for that character first..romulans and klingons cant use the andorian escorts.

I want my special weapons to stay unique to my fed toon that purchased the andorian escort. Thanks

Now dev's..please look back into the sound of these weapons, they were not changed, even though you said they were.

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