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So...Ive been told that I should run a true aux2batt setup if I plan on getting a Jem Dread. higher weapon power, more maneuverability, higher shields, lower cooldowns, ect.

last I checked, dont the hangers rely on auxiliary power to work/launch fighters/basis for fighter power?

How could I run aux2batt with dual hangers, knowing my aux is gonna be constantly low? wont that reduce effectiveness of my fighters?

The suggestion was to run an aux2batt setup on my chimera till i can save up/get lucky and get the dreadnought. granted I can run it, but does it really help in a situation like mine where I run it as an escort/light healer?

Another suggestion Ive had is to focus on reducing times of the dreads subsystem targeting attacks instead. Makes sense, but at lvl 1 cap, is it really worth putting 3 purple energy weapon doffs in? granted its a reduction of 20 seconds a pop, but still ends up with a 30 second cooldown. doesnt seem efficient to me. opinions?