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07-30-2013, 08:58 AM
Originally Posted by litchy74 View Post
The toon now runs full XI omega ground set but now uses XI dill store piecing rifle as second weapon, much better than pistol. Strange thing gave the pistol to a away team boff and the shooting animating is correct, I requip the pistol and the animation for the beams/projectiles still come from the holstered position.

I wonder how long this bug will persist, my bet forever..........
I hope not...

..however another graphically bugged ground weapon, on the KDF side, the Elite Fleet Dual Disruptor Pistols (mk XII) which has the charater holding two sniper rilfes instead of pistols, has been bugged for almost a year with no fix...

I've sent in a couple of tickets on it, but I think they just just aren't priority items. Though fixing these really annoying graphical issues probably should be higher prioity than fixing the C in "corvette".

....just sayin'...