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07-30-2013, 12:38 PM
do the saurian bonuses stack? will they stack with my liberated borg engineer? ive heard efficiency doesnt stack, which is why i ask.

I was planning on a plasma beam setup using the romulan set and fleet advanced plasma.

Already have the plasmonic leech and tachyo converter, adapted maco and maco sets. I almost think i would prefer the borg set due to the availability of emitter array embassy consoles due to improved healing matching with a regenerative shield.

Already working on the elite scorpions. debating between having both sets elite or waiting for fleet peregrines.

Warp core will be something I may have to play with. I'd like to focus on hyper elite core due to bonuses to aux and engines, while running either W>S or W>A. Also having shield heal on it would help my lack of science shield healing.