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Originally Posted by dashrendar1138 View Post
Glad I saw this as I was about to go out and buy one before the promo ended. Saw that another person on the forum in having the same issue. Cryptic seems to have a habit of partnering up with some pretty shady companies. Hope it works for you before the promo ends. If not, I would hope cryptic would honor it anyways.
Not shady at all. I have been using these cards since December. It is a great way to gift Zen to friends and family. The grocery store that I buy the cards from gives $0.10 a gallon of gas for every $50 spent in gift cards. They carry the Ultimate Game Card but not the standard "Perfect World" ones.

Follow the instructions that Brandon posted and you should be fine. Also, a neat trick I just found out, is that if you want the bonus Zen from the $50 offing but cant find a $50 UGC, you can use any amount of cards (5 of the $10 or 2 of the $25) to make the $50 requirement.

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