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We already brought down the Tribble server for maintenance to apply a new update.

  • Players that have had issues purchasing Spiral Wave Disruptors, Jem'Hadar Attack Pets, or any other limited item should no longer experience these issues.
  • Updated the playable volume on the Kassae UGC ground map.
  • The following uniforms now have tailor presets if owned:
    • All Good Things
    • Bajoran Militia
    • Counselor Troi
    • Deep Space 9
    • Enterprise "
    • Enterprise Mirror
    • Section 31
    • T'Pol
    • Seven of Nine
    • Starfleet Academy
    • The Motion Picture
    • The Next Generation (TV
    • TOS Dress Uniform
    • TOS Medical
    • TOS Tunic
    • Wrath of Khan
    • TOS Mirror Universe
  • Updated another instance of corvette that was using a capital C.
  • Turret Fabrication IV will now correctly fabricate a Tier 4 Turret when used by a Romulan Player.
  • Sensor Analysis no longer forces the player into red alert.
  • Tour the Galaxy: Some mission timers were set to start on completion of a mission rather on start, they are all set to start on completion of the mission.
  • The Aquarius should no longer appear at 4 times its intended size when launched from an Odyssey.
  • The Andorian Phasers have been given audio that is even more unique based on player feedback.
  • Carrier UI Updates:
    • All pets will be far less likely to engage enemies beyond a range of 12km
      • Unless those enemies have also actively damaged their owner's Carrier.
    • All pets are now more responsive while under Escort command. This includes upgrades to their behavior that controls:
      • Targeting enemies that have damaged their Escort target, preferring targets that have also attacked their owner's Carrier, and ignoring orders that tell them to escort themselves or fellow hangar pets.
    • All pets will now ignore enemies beyond 12km while under Intercept command, regardless of their combat activities.
      • This allows them to more accurately intercept incoming mines, torpedoes and small craft heading for their owner Carrier.
    • Resolved a logic loophole with the new Recall functionality that allowed pets to occasionally stop responding to subsequent commands.
    • Duty Officers that rely upon Intercept, Escort and Recall commands being issued will now work correctly with Jem'Hadar Attack Ships, Bird-of-Prey Raiders, Syphon Drones and Shield Repair Drones.
    • The AI routines of Shield Repair Drones have entirely new, and more responsive, set of command behaviors to follow
      • For these pets, Intercept and Attack set these pets to sort of an "auto-heal" mode.
      • Use Escort for increased control of their support features.
    • The AI routines of Bird-of-Prey Raiders have been improved to include more well-defined Strafing Runs.
      • These pets only have a chance to ent
      er into this behavior every several seconds, and will not perform them constantly.

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