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07-30-2013, 05:35 PM
All pets will now ignore enemies beyond 12km while under Intercept command, regardless of their combat activities.
Could you also make it so they don't do that while in attack mode? It's really annoying when sitting there waiting to heal and my pets decide to go after stuff 14km+ away and aggro EVERYTHING in sight.

Good example is I did the KDF 'Empire Defense' dailies and defeat the 6 groups in a single system in about 3 minutes but it takes another 5 minutes before I can leave. Can't exit while in red alert. I never wondered what it would be like to have 20 borg spheres come after me but now I know. Sure I could just let my pets die but then I'd have to deal with the 15+ enemies they aggroed because they went 20km away from me. Thankfully my mirror Vo'quv carrier is pretty tough, but it ends up making a mission take too long to get out of after it's complete.

Resolved a logic loophole with the new Recall functionality that allowed pets to occasionally stop responding to subsequent commands.
Does this mean they won't dock with the carrier suddenly on their own? I've had that happen a lot of times. They'll be attacking something and I can see them suddenly fade out as if I had them on recall and they docked. When that happens they can no longer be resummoned or undocked and your hanger is full and tied up.
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