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you don't need a luxury SUV to take the kids to school.

If we take your stance on things we can easily say that the Galaxy was over designed to do a lot of things that ultimately are better handled by more specialized ships. Assuming for a moment that the Galaxy was indeed designed as some sort of space battleship, we must also remember it was also designed as a space city, complete with space grade schools, space families, and space pets. The Galaxy design was a mishmash and a mess. Better to retire it and move on to fresh new designs not made by a committe composed of beings from the "friendship and peace at all costs" party with a token starfleet ensign thrown in political correctness.

Edit: I get it that a lot of that was done to allow for different plots to occur on the ship, but it always felt odd. Its still a ship, not a mobile space station.
heres some galaxy class cliff notes, established in canon and by uncontradicted information in the tech manual. its going to contradict this notion antifans of the ship have that it was built to be the peace love boat.

-twice the volume of the ambassador class it replaced. also about twice the volume of a sovereign class, amb and sov are nearly the same size actually. nothing other then the nebula is in the galaxy's weight class.

-70% of its interior was modular, so it could be full of science labs, elementary schools, luxury quarters, arboretums, holodecks, huge cargo bays, additional torpedo storage, auxiliary fusion reactors tied directly to weapons and shields, expanded hanger capacity, troop barracks, secondary systems to compensate wile primary systems are damaged due to battle damage, left empty simply for battle soak for internal systems, basically anything you could imagine within the star trek universe. this definitively means that it was NOT built for peace time, but bilt to be ether a science ship or a warship, or anything in between depending on how that 70% is used.

-the configuration of the enterprise D was the embodiment of federation ideals, a gilded flagship. it was primarily set up as a ship of long term exploration with every amenity that could help stave off crew fatigue associated with long term missions, including bringing civilian family members aboard. this was done in a moment of hubris, the federation had recently wrapped up a tholian and tzenkethy war, and the newly launched nebula class were putting an end to decades of war with the cardasians. at that moment, the federation was largely unopposed, its easy to see why the enterprise was set up and why it got such a diplomat for a captain.

-the enterprise D never even went on a deep space mission, it was posturing instead, mostly patrolled up and down the romulan neutral zone for years. it then moved down to the cardasian demilitarized zone to do the same after the cardasians finally agreed to peace after several brand new nebula class showed up and kicked all sorts of ass, something all the excelsiors and other old designs failed to do, causing the war to last as long as it did. guess they wanted to break the ship in for a decade before sending it off into parts unknown. the age difference between the galaxy and the first contact ships is so minor im surprised its ever brought up. especially if your looking at them from 2409.

-the setup the enterprise D has negatively impacted the combat potential of the galaxy space frame. when jelleco was in command, he took many measures to sacrifice non tactical systems to boost the ships combat performance. still, short of a 1v1 with a d'deridex, nothing from ether beta or alpha quadrant was a match for it.

- it had the 2 longest phaser arrays, and due to how arrays work, each segment of length has an additive effect to how powerful of a shot it can fire from it. the nebula has the same array, and in battle proved unstoppable to multiple cardasian ships ambushing it, even after the nebula's shields were remotely lowered.

-the 2 torpedo launchers the ship has can fire enormous bursts in the span of a second. up to about 20 at once preloaded before it would have to reload. from ships like the sovereign and intrepid, each of their launchers seems to cap at 3 or 4 preloaded, before it can reload and fire again

-the galaxy class, and presumably other ships, were constantly upgraded during their service life, and every 20 years they would be nearly gutted and have their systems replaced with what was cutting edge. built to be as modular as it was, this is proboly not to terribly difficult for them to do. nothing is 'the most advanced ship in the fleet' for very long

a lot of what makes the galaxy class great is shared with most other modern ships. im guessing what came after was as modular as it could be as well. its just that the galaxy is the largest ship of them all. all things being equal, the largest is going to have the best. no other class has arrays that even approach the size of the galaxy/nebula, none of the other fan favortie classes have the per launcher burst capability the galaxy does. in several situations, you see them fireing as many torps as fast as they can, you can see the limitations. you almost never see a galaxy unleash its actual full arsenal at something, and every time it loses its because it got totally punked in 1 way or another. in those situations, no other ship would have done any better.

BUT, all this should not be a litmus test for how the ship is in game, its just fluff reasoning for why it should not suck. if other ships had to go through a canon litmus test like this, to prove the worth of its in game stats, they would all fall short to the galaxy. except for the odyssey, which is supposed to be the next generation galaxy. yet the model has shrimpy main arrays, a huge blunder actually, they should have connected them on the ship model. if the odyssey class was as cannon as the galaxy, it would not outgun a properly upgraded 2409 galaxy, based on the most basic workings of phaser arrays.
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