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07-30-2013, 09:54 PM
Originally Posted by thetarq View Post
So either:
1. Cryptic is lying about a purposeful nerf.
2. They really believe what they are saying in regards to drop rates for slavers.

So which is it?
Well, it's mainly 2. They seem to believe what they are saying because they are answering a different the question. The RATE of drops is "consistent" like they said. The problem is the QUANTITY of drops has been cut in 1/6th.

Devs define rate as "it has a chance to proc a drop every X"

Community defines rate as "I have a chance to loot my usual prepatch quantity every X"

The devs were very clear that they are trying to keep the chance of A drop the same, while simultaneously SLICING the amount dropped drastically (effectively 6 quantity in a drop to 1).

The community is upset the total amount looted has been crushed. The devs haven't addressed that as their intent, so I think the way they define 'rate' they believe what they are saying.