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# 1 UI Color Palette Brainstorms
07-30-2013, 11:05 PM
The ability to use a custom UI palette on your avatars has intrigued many fans. That being said, just what kind of designs can we expect in the future? Do YOU have an idea you feel would be a hit on the screens of players across the interwebs? Let's hear it! Perhaps a dev will see it and find it genius.

My own personal suggestion(s) thus far:

A Liberated Borg Palette (A Lifer-only idea. Just a little bonus that would serve to brighten up the game for those that have shown their support. Don't know why we don't have this one already actually.)

Something ashy/slimy/evil/all of the above. Maybe an unlockable UI when you buy the Fek'Ihri ship.

The Atrox Carrier is a unique shade of blues and purples. Why not a UI to match?

More Ideas? Let's hear 'em!