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Originally Posted by originpi View Post
This seems like a really simple solution. If you didn't want them to attack, why are they set to attack mode? If you wanted to get out of red alert, set them to recall.
Not a simple solution when doing the empire defense dailies. They have a tendency to go as far as 20km or more on their own aggroing everything in sight when you're attacking groups to finish the system. Not possible to get out of red alert even if I put them on recall. I'd end up with a ton of enemies on me anyway because they go too damn far out and you can't exit those maps while in red alert.

In other words, while attacking, the pets fly way far away from the targets and keep their distance as far as possible no matter if they're set to attack or intercept. I'm guessing it has to do with the new AI that forces them to avoid exploding ships. Well it works. Too well.

Edit: Forgot to mention if the pets decide to attack something 20km away, putting them into recall mode doesn't do any good. If they're too far away from you they won't listen. They keep attacking and in the mean time, everything they aggroed is coming straight for me while I'm still trying to defeat stuff they aggroed.

I've said it months ago somewhere in a thread on the forums and I'll say it again: Carrier pets shouldn't go after anything outside of your weapon range, unless an enemy is aggroed already and heading for you.

At a dead stop just sitting there not targeting anything, if it's up to 14km away they go after it on their own and it's really annoying.
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