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# 17 One STF to Rule Them All
07-31-2013, 05:52 AM
I did an OMEGA STF run with PuGs in each one. I was able able to do the other three with PuGs and complete the Optional and had plenty of time remaining in each... then there was this one....

I played this one a few time when it first came out and found it to be fun, and only played a couple time after the update and found it not so fun (one team just fell apart). This time, it started slow (one person dropped out early, but someone else joined). We got to the big cigars and had the spike hits, but eventually took them down (lost optional, but kept going for mission).

The real fun began with the Queen; I think the majority of the time was spent with at least two player rezzing after the demonic spike strike blew us away with one hit. This was a mission with two cruisers, science ship and my tac ship (purple gear) and the Queen was taking as long to kill as the entire rest of the mission took to complete. I died so many times that the counter went back to 10 secs. This was the most ridiculous STF Space Mission I have ever seen. We all tried to keep range, and stay alive, but that doesn't help maintain the damage level needed to take down the Queen. The mission may have been intended to be the Ultimate OMEGA STF, but it really is just irritating and the fun is lost quickly. I will play any other STF other than this mess... hard is not the issue, but stupidly designed is the issue.