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07-31-2013, 07:06 AM
Although I have only been able to do this mission half a dozen times I have had more trouble on the Normal version than I have Elite. I have certainly been blown up more on normal by being one shotted like 15km away from the ships.

I have done Elite with all but one optional objective once and that wasn't too challenging (I guess it was partly the strong team I had). But put me on Normal and I am space dust as soon as its down to the Unimatrix ships.

Some sort of fix needs to happen though as I have a lot of trouble getting into the mission. There are like 100 people each playing Infected Space Elite and Khitomer Space Elite and I struggle in an hour to get into a team to do Into the Hive on either difficulty. I haven't even seen the ground version yet!
It appears to be such a turn off for the player base something needs to happen!