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Originally Posted by milanvorius View Post
I personally dont see a problem with completing the whole thing a couple times in an hour, I thought the exploit was only that people were dropping it partially done and resetting.

Currently there is motivation to stack alts at ESD for the tour and do the same thing as much as possible. But if they eliminated the cool down from completion, only gave a "leaver's penalty" of 1 hour then the exploit is handled and the overachievers can overly achieve.

Personally I don't see the joy in the tour, but if others do, I want them to get their joy back.

I always completed full runs of the Tour. I mapped my path to do it as efficiently as possible including when to hit slipstream. some sectors were good, others not so much. The people in a fleet I associate with have always done the short runs, drop and reget method but that always felt like an exploit/cheat. Did not feel right if I did not do a full run of the Tour. I also liked the cxp bonus for getting them all. Comparing EC earned they made a bit more but I felt like I had accomplished more.

I have not run it in a long time as it got boring and I had other things to spend my time on. Plus with the addition of Tau, I'm not sure what path would be best. I don't even know if that one is required.

However, I do feel that being able to do a couple of full runs should be left in. If you can manage 2-3 full runs then you really deserve the ec and cxp you earn. Can earn more EC doing a lot of other stuff, and can earn the cxp while offline if you really want to. The Tour was a way to journey through all the sectors and see how many blocks you could complete in an hour.

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