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07-31-2013, 10:33 AM
On normal, it works fine for me - you need to know what to do, though.

Phase 1 - take one cube at a time, don't aggro too many opponents at once. Leave one nemy vessel to destroy together at the end, but before destroying it, gather in a 3km radius around the queen. If you have fighter pets, set them to Attack.

Phase 2 (Unimatrix ships) - stay in the 3 km radius around the queen, kill all plasmabolts first, regeneration probes seconds, Unimatrix 1 third, UNimatrix 2 fourth. Whenever there is a target of higher priority, switch. If you have fighter pets, set them to Intercept.

Phase 3 (The queen herself) - keep a distance of at least 6 km from here, try to bring her down with pressure damage.

As I said, with a premade team, this works fine if everybody knows the plan, on Normal. I have yet toi try it on Elite, but in fact, I think it should work out about the same.

But Hive Onslaught is definitely engineer cruiser country. Tactical escorts are just lost there, like being on the wrong party. At least with the above method that works for me.
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