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07-31-2013, 11:13 AM
On Holodeck if i target something 15km or less away from me while pets are in Attack mode they will fly off and engage the target. This is just how I want it. I want them attacking my target as long as its within a set range, greater then my weapon range is nice since I'm in a carrier and can't turn all that well. They will come into range at some point and I can lock them down and kill them then, or move up if I want to fire at them. This is also handy as they will engage at greater speed then I'm flying at actually reach them around the time they come into range of my weapons. My weapons reach the target at 10km but the fighters must fly the most of the distance before they fully engage much of the time.

I do NOT want them deciding that they want to engage with something that i don't have targeted that is more then 15km from me. The max range they should be in is 0-15km +/- their orbit radius. When I hit recall I want them to hurry back as well. Some of them are really slow in returning.

Oh and on a side note, there are some weapons you can fire that have a max range of 15km. I know of at least 1 but I have not bothered to look for any others.