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# 469 Rotating Keybind Messages
07-31-2013, 08:33 PM
Originally Posted by bones1970 View Post
If you wants to have rotating messages :

help1.txt looks like: H team Local distress call... I need heals...$$ bind_load_file help2.txt
help2.txt :H team I'm dying, need some healing!$$ bind_load_file help1.txt
target1.txt :T team Target: >> $target <<$$ bind_load_file target2.txt
target2.txt :t team Shoot at $target $$ bind_load_file target1.txt
gg1.txt :g Team They never had a chance, GG$$ bind_load_file gg2.txt
gg2.txt :g Team GG$$ bind_load_file gg1.txt

H "team I'm dying, need some healing!$$ bind_load_file help1.txt"
t "team Shoot at $target $$ bind_load_file target1.txt"
g "Team GG$$ bind_load_file gg1.txt"
Another elegant way to rotate keybinds is to use the ALIAS command and the COMMANDALIASES.TXT file.

I detailed this approach earlier in a (now archived) post here and here.
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