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Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
Allow me to be as clear as I possibly can, speaking as a forum moderator.

Cryptic does not support or endorse any third-party software or utilities for use with the game. That has been their official stance since forever.

Just as they are not going to officially tell you that using Notepad is an acceptable means for recording chat logs, they are also not going to recommend the use of a Windows macro utility in place of the built in keybinds.

So there are two different ways of looking at this:

1. Assuming PWE considers use of the utility as an exploit, discussing it on the forums is against the rules.

2. Assuming using the utility is not an exploit because this is a general purpose Windows utility, this forum is not for the discussion of software that PWE/Cryptic did not create. It is therefore off-topic and discussing it here on these forums is considered a form of spamming.

Either way, the people who are trying to force this discussion on the forums really need to stop. The official response you're most likely to get involves getting yourself an infraction on the forums, which could lead to a ban.

As you know, I am not a PWE employee. I cannot tell you whether the utility is or is not an exploit. I can give you advice, which basically amounts to the suggestion that you should drop it. If you choose to use unsupported software as an aid to play the game, you are doing so at your own risk.
Regardless of OP I find this position highly ignorant and arrogant towards impaired people. It's not even allowed to discuss an actual problem with respect to the game. As a matter of fact I find that it is even pretty close to scratching the law. As you know people with disabilities have the same legal rights of access when it comes to buildings, jobs etc.. There might even be a law ensuring access to digital data. If there is Cryptics policy is illegal. Even if there isn't there are several ways to interpret law:

Grammatical interpretation: using the literal meaning of the statutory text ("grammatical" is actually the wrong word, but it is commonly used for this type of interpretation).
Historical interpretation: using the legislative history, to reveal the intent of the legislator.
Systematic interpretation: considering the context of provisions, if only by acknowledging in which chapter a provision is listed.
Teleological interpretation: then the purpose of the law is considered.

While the grammatical is not applicable and this is more of a European perception you can see where the last three points are going. These interpretation methods have been used in similar cases to extend law to new developments. In casu you'd be able to infer a right to digital access for impaired people from other laws with similar rules regarding jobs, buildings etc.. And if someone sues, and there is no law yet, these are the methods that are used by judges. I wouldn't put my money on Cryptic.  91708

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