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08-01-2013, 08:22 AM
Originally Posted by silverrain79 View Post
So... I'm having an issue where binds that i've unbound keep coming back, I assumed it was b/c I probably didn't create the bind file right. Could also be that I didn't unbind from the toon I transfered my hud/settings over from... My solution to this was to delete the bind file and start fresh, but I can't find it! It's nowhere to be found, does anyone have a suggestion? Is there a default bind file somewhere?
There is not a default key bind file, and if you try to export your basic config (/bind_save_file ) with no customizations you will not have any entries in the file (if it even makes a file)

Sometimes to make sure the keys are unbound, I put the following in my bind file(s):


Replace 'b' with the key(s) of your choice, just have a separate line for each key.