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08-01-2013, 09:31 AM
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I finally got the Risian Corvette and I made it look ultra prissy. It has MAGENTA hull and lights, it's practically like a highlight marker. Really neat ship but mine is just so luminescent.

Another thing to commemorate is that I entered Ker'rat for the first time. Was nice, got blown up a couple of times by PvPers but I wasn't threatening enough for a lot of them to chase me (I also hanged out close to the borders). With it, I got the final Tutorial (Warzone) mission done, and I now got no more tutorials, so in theory I could be considered a player that has learned the game...
oh sure, make no mention of the werewolf who persuaded you to go there...i feel so unloved
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*reassuringly strokes your hair*
Hush now, you will be back kicking Neelix and killing those nasty Vaadwaur soon enough... hush child.
*pat pat on your head*
epic smirk is epic