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Originally Posted by ambassadormolari View Post
As an aside, who are people's favourite characters per writer, so far? The nominations for me are:

sander233: Frank Grimes, Intergalactic Man of Mystery. Oh, and General Ssharki.

gulberat: Alyosha Strannik. Everything written from his perspective comes out written extremely well.

marcusdkane: Some of your peripheral characters, like Claire and S'r'ss, used to be the most enjoyable, but I will admit that Amanda Palmer has really grown on me in recent stories.

jonsills: Grunt. The most competent...and unluckiest(?) Ferengi in Starfleet.

patrickngo: Enrico Montoya, the one character who continues to be badass long after his death.

shevet: Tylha Shohl, though Amiga and Kophil are also fun.

cmdrscarlet: Kathryn Beringer, by far.

danquelier: The Nameless Commander, though honourable nods also go to Rycho and Xa'Jev.

superhombre: Ch'Raul, though I also like T'Panna and, to a lesser extent, Yair. In general, I like the fact that most of your characters are so deeply flawed.

(Note that I apologize to anyone else who didn't appear on the list, I was simply going with the characters who immediately popped to mind).
I would say the lesbianism helps, but to be fair, I know she'd been a fairly un-focussed character till now, so glad that the revelations have made her more enjoyable

I agree with your nominations, although Rusty is my favourite of sander's characters, with Ssharki and H'mL'n tied for second place, and Liz Tran and Eighty-Six are my favourites of patrick's

I forgot to say, Arkos is my favourite of your characters

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