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08-01-2013, 01:19 PM
First up I'm posting in here as 'a certain amount of time' must pass before i can make a thread, that just adds to my growing annoyance for cryptic/perfect world (whoever's in charge).
So after getting into star trek online I've decided I want to make zen purchase to improve my game, the issues started when I tried to make a billing profile, after filling in the forms and clicking submit, information was moved into other fields and some info deleted.
Example: my region is cambridgeshire(UK), but after clicking submit it moved to the postal code field and deleted the information already there (what?), so its unlikely my payment would be authorized.
After creating 3 more profiles with the same issues, I discovered you can only have 4 profiles, and you can't modify/delete them without posting a ticket, so I did, after explaining the above, I got the reply 'we have deleted your billing profiles', so I replied saying that they were ignoring the key issue here, their next reply said 'we hoped deleting them would solve your issues'. At this point I'm concerned about the intellect of the people I was talking to.
So after all that I just replied again to reopen my 'solved' ticket, I'm posting on here to try to either figure out what I'm doing horribly wrong (unlikely) or to get them to fix their broken validation/field input code (I'm pretty sure could code it better).
On a side note If I live in the UK the payment options should be in pounds sterling not euros :/

I hope to be surprised by the cryptic/perfect world customers services now, because this experience is just motivating me towards another game (which sucks cause I like star trek)