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danquellier: At last, we get to see things from your commander's perspective, and this story didn't disappoint. I really liked the fact that you included an apparition of Commander Keras in the story-- I always liked him and the ideals he represented over the sneaky,duplicitious Romulans of TNG. I was able to vividly imagine the whole conversation between him and your commander. I was also intrigued by all of the details you went into on Romulan culture and beliefs. Were these creations of yours, or did the come from some of the Trek novels?

Excellent as always. Please write more.
Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Commander Keras is the first Romulan we encounter, and to me, he always represented the noble side of their society. I imagine his loss was one of the major factors that began the fall of the Praetor and the rise of the Senate in power. Once the Senate was the power in the Empire, politics and the kind of deceptive tactics important to maintaining power in that part of the Romulan society became more important for the Romulan military leaders than the selfless dedication and military skill seen previously (the concept of political Generals/Admirals is one that has plagued all militaries throughout history). Just the sort of disfavored commander a young girl chaffing under her lot might read up on and dream about becoming when the duties in the Temple grew too boring.

I always saw Keras as the Romulan Kirk, the best of their captains and a maverick in not adhering to the tradition of obedience and complete faith in the Empire. Had the Enterprise been defeated in their fight, it's quite possible we would have seen Kirk's name dragged through the mud instead by the Federation, labeled as a foolhardy risk-taker who caused a war rather than follow orders and lost his ship because he failed to carry out his duty, so the parallels between the two are closer than they seem on the surface. I don't think Kirk ever again faced an opponent so closely matched to his own abilities and talent. From your comments, I like to think I did justice to Mark Lenard's portrayal of him.

As for the elements of Romulan culture, I hope you won't feel bad that I admit they are mostly my own constructions. I haven't read any of the Trek Rihannsu novels, and am simply drawing on what source material I can research online and by watching ST episodes, what I know (or think I know) of Roman society, and what I try to conclude that might indicate certain aspects of Romulan society and culture might be like. With luck, I don't let down anyone in that regards.
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