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08-01-2013, 11:26 PM
Entered ISE and then one of the others on the team says, lets do Fleet alert instead and everyone but me left. Was late and 1 joined then imediatly left. Needless to say that kinda sucked.

Did a CSE and everyone had a T5.5 or better ship, all cruiser except 1 scimi. i went to the middle and started on those spheres while they did they kang and sometimes the spheres on the right. Completed the sphers and moved onto the right spheres, got those and the cube. made it back to the middle cube and the kang exploded. 7 minutes on the timer to go too. How can 4 ships that are not rainbow boats not protect the kang? I really can understand if they are all the free ships from leveling and all rainbow builds, but these guys must be even worse than a newbie. Anyway it was bad but didnt upset me.

Worst ESTF was 4 mirandas with no consoles and default equipped. yeah T0 weapons... Yeah we died allot but was fun.