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08-02-2013, 12:48 AM
Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
But Hive Onslaught is definitely engineer cruiser country. Tactical escorts are just lost there, like being on the wrong party. At least with the above method that works for me.
This!!! ^^^

It's all about tanking and 360 degrees of AoE. Especially once you get to the lance ships. Just park next to the queen, buff and unload until they're dead (or your are).

I used to run Elite in a Fleet Patrol - but that was before the lance borking when you could still hug the hull and unload with DHCs while buffing/healing. Not anymore - now it's one-shot insta-kill before you've finished your first volley.

Wondering if Cryptic didn't design this mission just to frustrate escort captains, many of whom have become way too big for their britches...

BTW, I've actually *survived* being lanced on a few occasions. Was approaching the combat area and suddenly my hull went from a freshly spawned 100% with full shields to 12-15%. I then limped into queen air space and did my best to heal while avoiding another lancing. I actually managed to stay alive to the end in at least one of those situations, though it wasn't pretty (barely got the hull back to 50%), and I had to EM away from the queen for a minute or two once she went active.

Bottom Line: The lance may be an uber weapon, but it's survivable (barely). Wondering if my 2x Fleet Neutroniums made a difference. Or perhaps the Leech.

Does anyone know what type of energy those lances are using?