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Originally Posted by talzerotwo View Post
Everything in your post that you reference is just pure awesome. Thank you I lost those glyph fonts when my comp died, been trying to find them ever since lol.
I think Carter's Addon Pack for Garry's Mod has it. I've certainly seen it while playing on some servers as an E2 font, but I'm uncertain as to whether it's a separate download or comes with CAP as I think it does.

I'll edit the post in a few minutes once I have the info.

Edit: Oops, wiped a color tag.

Re-edit: Yep. The following fonts are present in CAP's resources:

Anquietas (Ancient text)
Quiver (for the GDO, apparently)
Stargate_SG1 (SG-1 gates)
Stargate_Concept (no visible difference between that and the above)
Stargate_Universe (Universe gates)
Stargate_Atlantis (Pegasus gates)

I'm going to provide a link you can download it from using TortoiseSVN or similar programs shortly - coming in the next edit.

Re-re-edit: Scratch that - the difference between SG1 and Concept is the point of origin. Link coming in the NEXT edit.

Re-re-re-edit: http://carterspack.svn.sourceforge.n...rces/resource/

Downloading from this link should give you the CAP fonts, and nothing but the CAP fonts.
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