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08-02-2013, 11:22 AM
my first ground stf:

almost a week after i started making elite stf's (all elite) i decided to que up for a ground stf, elite too. i enter in the pve journal and a few seconds later ... *pop*

i think my gear was jem hadar full set mk xi, and a crm200...

me and my team beam to the map, and i go alone *uaahh* ... insta killed by a few borg, and they get that bug where they run very fast towards the spawn zone...
my team mates yell at me... but i pretend im not paying attention to the chat
we can get rid of the bugged borg, and we continue, until a fancy room with a elite tac borg drone, there i noticed : *wth ?! my cold dealing weapon is doing 1 dmg, and wtf is that addapt sign ?! put that in your *cough* *cough* !! i die, and after almost a minute, i respawn.
i get lost in those tunnels, and with a lot of effor, i finally make my way towards my team mates. when i got there, we lost optional, and a guy teaches me how to remodulate my weapons *ah good old newbie times* ... we made our way killing some borg, and we finally found the boss, i got killed a lot of times, BUT in the end, ive got a mk xii borg tech armor *before season 7, oor 6 i dont quite remember* i posted the item in the team chat, and i remember them saying, *$#? you ... lalala... ive been weeks trying to get that !

thats it, my first, worst, and luckiest stf ever
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