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Originally Posted by huntingdon1701 View Post
Can anyone help me with the Nimble on Nimbus accolade?

I am able to get all the way around the buildings until you end up on the awnings with the barrier in front of them - just before the last building. I can't seem to get any further than that.

It looks from the map - - that you should be able to squeeze through a gap in the barrier but I can't find it.

If you're at the point I'm thinking of, there isn't any sort of barrier you squeeze through, rather, you have to walk to the far East part of those awnings, just to the edge of them. If you're facing towards the East you'll see a roof about even with you, but too far to jump to. However, sticking out from the awning is a single "bar" - only a few feet long, it doesn't go all the way to the other side. You can't just walk out onto the bar, you have to jump on to it. It's very thin, so sticking the landing is DIFFICULT (I've failed the jump more times than I've made is successfully). What's worse, if (when! lol) you fall, you have to climb up to the roofs/run around again.

Once you're on that bar, you edge CAREFULLY towards the roof East of you, and when in range, jump to the roof. Then you can continue to the Eastern most edge of that building's roof, right to the city's limit.

You'll see more awning-like material, but it's vertical, set up as sort of an "L"-shaped wall. You have to walk Forward, then Right on the top of this "wall", to the very end-point. I found this was also tricky, especially because as you are now partway out of the city, your BOs keep appearing/disappearing, which is very disconcerting (and they've even bumped me off).

I'm at work atm, but when I get home, later tonight, I'll try to get on and take some screen shots. And/or perhaps we can arrange a meet-up and I'll walk you through it.

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