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Originally Posted by psycoticvulcan View Post
Awesome stuff. I made myself a Tal/Quoria science officer a few months ago; she's become a fine addition to the crew. I just named her "Tal", though; I'm not quite sure what would make a good name for one.
Anyname is a good name, even Tal.

Originally Posted by dalolorn View Post
I think Carter's Addon Pack for Garry's Mod has it. I've certainly seen it while playing on some servers as an E2 font, but I'm uncertain as to whether it's a separate download or comes with CAP as I think it does.

I'll edit the post in a few minutes once I have the info.

Edit: Oops, wiped a color tag.

Re-edit: Yep. The following fonts are present in CAP's resources:

Anquietas (Ancient text)
Quiver (for the GDO, apparently)
Stargate_SG1 (SG-1 gates)
Stargate_Concept (no visible difference between that and the above)
Stargate_Universe (Universe gates)
Stargate_Atlantis (Pegasus gates)

I'm going to provide a link you can download it from using TortoiseSVN or similar programs shortly - coming in the next edit.

Re-re-edit: Scratch that - the difference between SG1 and Concept is the point of origin. Link coming in the NEXT edit.

Re-re-re-edit: http://carterspack.svn.sourceforge.n...rces/resource/

Downloading from this link should give you the CAP fonts, and nothing but the CAP fonts.
oh my gosh thank you so much! I've been looking forever for this. going to have a ton of fun with that, friday nights lol

Originally Posted by yreodred View Post
Wow you put lot of creative work into this species.
Cryptics devs should include them into STO and make them official.

Keep on your great work, as long as it makes you happy.
agreed on both points, especially the former
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