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08-02-2013, 11:31 PM
Originally Posted by redsnake721 View Post
Just did an infected elite and a member of particular fleet know to grief other players blew the optional then flew off and bragged about it and then taunted the rest of the team until 2 players had enough of him and left. It's bad enough having to pug with people that do it out of ignorance but to have people do it on purpose just to grief other players is going to far. I was under the impression that this fleet was trying to improve its reputation, but when it's members do this kind of stuff it just shows what some of them are really about.
I just finished Khitomer In Stasis (Elite) and a member of the fleet your talking about had a buch of injuries on his characters to start the mission he kept running ahead and dying hoping the rest of us would take to long when that did not work he went in the control room and made it impossible to lower the right shields for the team to advance and get the optional.

People like that are not happy with their lives so they enjoy annoying others.